Shurmer Genealogy

Welcome to the Shurmer Family Tree

The name Shurmer, and all it's variants including Shermer, is thought to have derived from the Anglo-Saxon, and referred to a 'dweller by the bright pool'. It is a fairly rare surname and originally found mostly in the south-west of England.

This Shurmer (Shermer) family started in Gloucestershire, England and remained there for about eight generations. From there they spread to many places, but mostly to Australia, where many still live. There are still Shurmers in Gloucestershire - mostly Cheltenham, and my great grandmother was from one of those lines.

With nearly 12,000 individuals in my family tree it has become unmanageable for a single web site. Therefore it has been split into a number of smaller sites based on major family groups. This means that inevitably there is some overlapping of surnames.

The names that interest you may also be found in any of these sub-trees, so it's probably worth checking in the Index pages -

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