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Family of Roy SHURMER and Joan

Husband: Roy SHURMER (1937- )
Wife: Joan <SHURMER> (1939- )
Children: Neil Jay SHURMER (1965- )

Husband: Roy SHURMER


Roy SHURMER, Roy Shurmer 1937

Name: Roy SHURMER1
Sex: Male
Father: Frederick George SHURMER (1907-1942)
Mother: Joyce <SHURMER> (1916-2006)
Birth 19371

Wife: Joan <SHURMER>


Joan <SHURMER>, Jean Shurmer 1939

Name: Joan <SHURMER>1,2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 19392

Child 1: Neil Jay SHURMER


Neil Jay SHURMER, Neil Shurmer 1961

Name: Neil Jay SHURMER1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Helen <UNKNOWN> ( - )
Birth 19652


1"Ray Shurmer".
2"Neil Shurmer".