Family of Albert Oliver SHURMER and Jessie Isobelle MCKENZIE

Husband: Albert Oliver SHURMER (1900-1973)
Wife: Jessie Isobelle MCKENZIE (1905-1974)
Children: Russel A. SHURMER (1927-1928)
Joyce SHURMER (1928-1993)
Olive Clare SHURMER (1929- )
Irene Norma SHURMER (1931- )
Keith Edward SHURMER (1933-1986)

Husband: Albert Oliver SHURMER


Albert Oliver SHURMER, Albert Oliver Shurmer 1900

Name: Albert Oliver SHURMER
Sex: Male
Father: John SHURMER (1857-1926)
Mother: Maria Louisa ELDRIDGE (1862-1951)
Birth 29 Sep 1900 Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia
Death 23 Jul 1973 (age 72) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Wife: Jessie Isobelle MCKENZIE

Name: Jessie Isobelle MCKENZIE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 5 Feb 1905 Balmain, New South Wales, Australia
Death 19 Jun 1974 (age 69) Guildford, New South Wales, Australia

Child 1: Russel A. SHURMER

Name: Russel A. SHURMER
Sex: Male
Birth 4 Jul 1927
Death 5 Mar 1928 (age 0)

Child 2: Joyce SHURMER


Joyce SHURMER, Joyce Shurmer

Name: Joyce SHURMER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Keith Ernest MCDOWELL (1929-1976)
Birth 5 May 1928 Junee, New South Walers, Australia
Occupation Bookseller
Death 25 Jul 1993 (age 65) Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Child 3: Olive Clare SHURMER


Olive Clare SHURMER, Olive Shurmer

Name: Olive Clare SHURMER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Samuel James WILSON (1926- )
Birth 7 Jul 1929 Junee, New South Walers, Australia

Child 4: Irene Norma SHURMER


Irene Norma SHURMER, Irene Shurmer

Name: Irene Norma SHURMER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Barry Mervyn MARCHANT (1929- )
Birth 19 Nov 1931 Junee, New South Walers, Australia

Child 5: Keith Edward SHURMER


Keith Edward SHURMER, Keith Edward Shurmer 1933

Name: Keith Edward SHURMER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Dorothy Elizabeth WENBAN (1936- )
Birth 17 Jul 1933 Junee, New South Walers, Australia
Death 19 Oct 1986 (age 53) Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia