Family of Kevin John SHURMER and Alison SMITH

Husband: Kevin John SHURMER (1958- )
Wife: Alison SMITH (1965- )
Children: Nathan SHURMER (1988- )
Nicholas SHURMER (1991- )

Husband: Kevin John SHURMER


Kevin John SHURMER, Kevin Shurmer

Name: Kevin John SHURMER1
Sex: Male
Father: Francis SHURMER (1915-2002)
Mother: Dorothy BRYANT (1920-2007)
Birth 23 Nov 19581

Wife: Alison SMITH


Alison SMITH, Alison Smith

Name: Alison SMITH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 30 Aug 1965

Child 1: Nathan SHURMER

Name: Nathan SHURMER
Sex: Male
Birth 23 Mar 1988 Bathhurst, New South Wales, Australia

Child 2: Nicholas SHURMER

Name: Nicholas SHURMER
Sex: Male
Birth 12 Dec 1991 Bathhurst, New South Wales, Australia


1"Ray Shurmer".