Family of Charles William SUMNER and Florence Annie RICHARDS

Husband: Charles William SUMNER (1878-1970)
Wife: Florence Annie RICHARDS (1878-1963)
Children: Ronald Charles SUMNER (1907-1985)
Edna Florence SUMNER (1910-1989)
Marriage Q4 1902 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Husband: Charles William SUMNER


Charles William SUMNER, Charles Sumner

Name: Charles William SUMNER1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q2 1878 Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire
Christening .
Occupation Farrier/Blacksmith / Insurance Agent - Manager
Death 3 May 1970 (age 91-92) Bristol (Clifton)

Wife: Florence Annie RICHARDS


Florence Annie RICHARDS, Florence Richards

Name: Florence Annie RICHARDS1
Sex: Female
Father: George William RICHARDS (1848- )
Mother: Elizabeth SHURMER (1844-1913)
Birth 22 Apr 1878 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Christening 23 Mar 1897 (age 18) Cheltenham (St.Matthew's), Gloucestershire
Death 31 Mar 1963 (age 84) Bristol

Child 1: Ronald Charles SUMNER


Ronald Charles SUMNER, Ronald Sumner


Spouse: Doris KENNETT, Doris Kennett

Name: Ronald Charles SUMNER1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Doris KENNETT (1912-1969)
Birth 12 Jun 1907 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Occupation Security Guard
Death 26 Feb 1985 (age 77) Bristol

Child 2: Edna Florence SUMNER


Edna Florence SUMNER, Edna Sumner

Name: Edna Florence SUMNER1
Sex: Female
Birth 22 Dec 1910 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Christening 17 Dec 1911 (age 0) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Baptism 17 Dec 1911 (age 0)
Death 1989 (age 78-79) Bristol (Clifton)

Note on Husband: Charles William SUMNER

At the 1881 census living at 51 Tivoli Street, Cheltenham, Glos. with his parents, sister Elizabeth and brother Arthur. He was 2 years old. They had a lodger, a Farrier, William Robert Mealin born 1856, from British Burma, East India.

In 1891 he lived at 51 Tivoli Street, Cheltenham with his parents, brother and sister and a lodger William Robert Mealen, a Farrier aged 25 from British Burma, East Indies. Charles was 12 years old and described as a Scholar.

In 1901 he lived with his parents, 4 brothers and a sister at 51 Tivoli Street, Cheltenham. He was 22 years old and an Insurance Agent.

Note on Wife: Florence Annie RICHARDS

In 1881 she was living at 20 Victoria Place, Cheltenham with her parents, a brother and sister. She was 3 years old and a Scholar.

In 1891 she was living at 21 Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham with her parents, brother and great aunt Elizabeth Shurmer who was aged 65, an invalid, and a former Schooll Mistress from Leckhampton, Gloucestershire. There is no mention of her younger sister. Florence was 12 years old and a Scholar.


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